A quick guide for you to – Update YOUR Past Scores
Update Past Scores The pain of not passing an exam is actually horrible. It’s certain that your expectations and effort went in vain. But what should vou do next? Read about the offer below.
Update your previous scores instead of taking the test over and over again. You can change your past scores with ease, update your scores without stress. We are here to assist you.
With the help of our team of well Trained personnels, we are here to make your dreams come to pass. All that is required from you is to read the information below regarding the process.
Indeed, this is life changing for many who came out disappointed and thought of giving up. We say no to that because, we understand the trauma many are going through since we have been in this space for long. Some candidate’s application processing ends at the level of your exam, which end up ruining whatever plans they had.

Reason Why You Should Update Your Past Scores
We fully understand the point that you are overwhelmed and actually disappointed by the previous scores you got or the outcome after all your efforts.
And yes, by now you should be worried about the requirements you have to submit. And deeply inside you know you might need more months to practice before you can attempt achieving the required band scores. Listen, simply hand over the data to us to update and grant you what you desire.
How Is It Possible to Update My Past Scores?
Same way we are capable of granting you your desired band scores without you appearing in the exam hall, it’s enough evidence that we extend our authority right in the database itself.
As we keep repeating, we are a group of many British Council and ID workers. We have the access to grant you what you are in need of.

Will the Certificate Be Genuine After the Process?
Every service of ours is 100% genuine and verifiable. And every Certificate or data you acquire using our methods are 100% genuine, safe, authentic and acceptable by any institution or organization you are planning to submit them to. We don’t fix anything, we simply help you achieve your goals without you stressing lot or wasting.
Your Data privacy protection
We also insure as well that, your data is 100% safe. Data privacy protection is in our DNA. Your data is 100% safe, and we insure we don’t disclose them to any person regardless of their reasons for requesting it
We are capable of granting you the scores below
We shall simply update your old scores with the new scores you desire, and we shall then drop the old ones. A new TR is assigned based on the latest scores.
The scores are updated everywhere both on the certificate, in the database and on your candidate portal. Many candidates can testify about this. It sounds strange, but it’s exactly what we do. Ride with us and smile again. You didn’t fail the test; you simply didn’t meet up to the administrators’ expectations.


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