How Is It Possible To Update IELTS Past Scores?

Same way we are able to granting you your favored band scores without you acting in the exam corridor, it’s sufficient evidence that we make bigger our authority right inside the database itself.

As we preserve repeating, we are a group of many British Council and IDP employees. We have the get entry to to furnish you what you are in need of.

We shall truly update your antique ratings with the new ratings you choice, and we shall then drop the old ones. A new TRF is assigned based at the present-day ratings.

The scores are updated anywhere both at the certificates, inside the database and for your candidate portal. Many applicants can testify approximately this. It sounds bizarre, however it’s precisely what we do. Ride with us and smile again. You didn’t fail the check; you genuinely didn’t join up to the administrator’s expectancies. In case you’ve got an upcoming check, you could as properly buy exam papers and solutions of that date.


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Willaim Wright

We encourage you to always verify an IELTS Certificate online, insure your result are visible online as well on the Official British Council or IDP Websites, before you start using them. Find part of our work so far below.

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